Snake Creek Ranch

General Manager: Keith Carter
Cow-Calf Manager: Sam Evans
Feedlot Manager: Justin Mugrage


Snake Creek Ranch, located in Box Butte County 23 miles west of Alliance, NE, combines rangeland grazing, feedlot operations, and farming into a uniquely well balanced resource for agriculture production. The acquisition of Snake Creek in 2008 established the Schiff feedlot operation in Nebraska while defining its farming division which grew two-fold.
 The 7,000 head capacity feed yard focuses on growing and feeding home raised calves from all three Schiff ranches in Nebraska. Most of the heifer calves, which are bred by proven artificial insemination sires, are retained as breeding heifers to aggressively grow the Schiff cow herd internally. Along with some high quality purchased heifers, Snake Creek will artificially inseminate a large herd of heifers to later relocate to the other Schiff cow/calf ranches as commercial cows. The remaining heifers and all steer calves are marketed as age & source verified fed cattle. We also populate approximately 50% of the feedlot with purchased light weight calves to feed. 
The irrigated farmland comingled with the rangeland and feedlot provides excellent winter grazing of corn residue for cattle following harvest.

 An extraordinary calving barn and facilities provide a superb layout for handling heifers and cows. We are able to both artificial inseminate and calve heifers isolated from the feedlot in a clean environment minimizing health concerns. In addition to heifer development, the ranch side of Snake Creek runs approximately 1,000 cows on the 12,000 acres of rangeland.      


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